Watergate Bay hotel

Note: This post was written after experiencing a complimentary stay at the Watergate Bay Hotel .  However, as always, all opinions are my own.

Last year I made a promise to myself to explore more of the UK  because there’s so much I’ve yet to see, but like many, I tend to jump at the chance to travel overseas instead. 

Knowing that my birthday was approaching I was looking to go somewhere extra special that wasn’t too far or awkward to travel too but still had that holiday getaway feel. This is where the idea of exploring Cornwall came to mind. Cornwall had been on the top of my list for such a long time and was known to be a British surfers paradise. I was really looking to a relaxing, low key vibe to celebrate my birthday.

Once we decided on Cornwall as the destination, I had a couple of places I absolutely wanted to visit and Watergate Bay Hotel  was definitely at the top of the list. I had seen this place many times in my instagram feed; I couldn’t ignore this place (wait until you see the photos) and I was so excited to finally had the opportunity to visit.

How to get there

To get to the Watergate Bay hotel from London it’s actually quite easy, we took a train on Friday morning from Paddington station, we had to make a small change at Par station to connect to Newquay (although there are some direct services) and we easily found a taxi upon arrival in Newquay to take a short and scenic 10 minute ride to the hotel. You can also take the local coastal bus for £5 one way or pay a fixed £10 fair for the taxi which really was a no brainer since there were two of us. Also the local bus timetable isn’t very frequent (1 bus per hour roughly).

The other possibility (and apparently quicker) way to get there if travelling from London by train is to get out Bodman parkway and taxi it from there for approximately 25-30 minutes.

When we arrived

We arrived on a Friday afternoon, after a long train journey , and I was welcomed in the best possible way; with some cocktails overlooking the ocean, a full 60 minute body massage and lovely dinner.

After we had a tour of their beautiful hotel and facilities, we dropped our luggages and I went down to their spa to try one of their 60 mins massages, which was super good. They give you the choice of three different essentials oils and I decided to go with the one for a ”deep muscle massage”. If you fancy a massage as well at your arrival, I recommend booking in advance because it gets booked up quite quickly.

Swim Club

Swim Club

Drinks with a sunset

After a lovely massage experience, Steve and I went for a couple of drinks in their brand new ocean-facing bar which was filled with a great ambience and accompanied with beautiful mellow live music. Now, if this doesn’t give you that cool, relaxing Byron Bay like vibe – I don’t know what will!


Living in a busy and stressful city, you often forget to take the time to unwind and relax. At that moment, this was just exactly what I needed. 

If you are visiting the Watergate Bay Hotel, I highly recommend trying their berries mojito and to head there at sunset time- trust me you won’t regret it.

After already being on cloud 9, yes heaven does exist apparently, we made our way over to their restaurant ‘Zacrys’ for a lovely dinner for two.

I was not only impressed by their delightful customer service but also the broad range of vegan options on offer on their menu. They gave us even more options than what was listed on the menu but we still decided to go with the classic tofu curry. I mean you can never go wrong with a curry right?

On reflection whilst writing this, I cannot believe how entertaining and adventure-filled our first evening was; no wonder why the long weekend felt like a week’s holiday!

Zacry's restaurant

Zacry’s restaurant


Breakfast, Surf and Lunch for two

The next morning, after indulging in delicious vegan waffles and classic English breakfast (In Zacry’s); we were booked in for a surf lesson at their very own surf school on the hotel grounds. This place was seriously cool, and definitely a highlight from our stay at the Watergate Bay Hotel. We had a whole morning of surf lessons and fun in the water, the weather and currents were perfect. They have small group sessions, which makes it almost private and the instructors are very knowledgable and always spend some one-on-one time with each participant. We had so much fun that we forgot to checkout in time; so we ran…yikes!

After surfing the Atlantic waves and building up an appetite (after that huge buffet breakfast) we went to the hotels beach-side restaurant ‘The Beach Hut’ for another feast for two. I enjoyed their delicious vegan jackfruit burger with a side of potato wedges. After filling up our bellies again we decided to pass a few hours at the pool followed by some tea and coffee in their quiet, adult only lounge to relax and soak up the amazing view!


The communal room for adult

Oat latte and a view

One thing I loved about the Watergate Bay Hotel is that although they are extremely family friendly, you don’t feel like you are surrounded by children in any means, there are adult only areas of hotel (such as their beautiful lounge with a view and cocktail bar) and there are also strict child timetables for pool and restaurant !


Finishing the day the best possible way

Before leaving this stunning hotel and to help digest all our delicious food, we went for a little hike. Just next to the Watergate Bay Hotel, there’s an easy cliff hike to do that gives a stunning view of the Watergate Bay.



Watergate bay hotel

I can tell you that we will definitely be re-visiting this magnificent hotel, it was definitely one of Cornwall’s prized possessions!

Let me know if you end up visiting this wonderful place!



Watergate Bay hotel Watergate Bay hotel Watergate Bay hotel


When it comes to Dublin, I won’t lie – I have been quite often because for those who don’t know, my partner is Irish and from Dublin. His family lives in the most gorgeous part of the county, in my humble opinion, which is Dalkey. Since I live in the big busy city London I really enjoy staying in the coastal village of Dalkey. I decided to created this mini blog post for those interested in spending a weekend in Dublin and unsure of what’s on offer outside of the city. A little disclosure, unless you pay for an organised tour – you will need a car to visit some of these places. Otherwise, there’s a couple of options of bus tour that you can find online. But trust me, it’s so worth it.

1. Dalkey Village

Let me start with the closest one from Dublin city center; Dalkey. Dalkey is only a short 30 minute trip from the city centre and easily accessible by the Dart (coastal train). It’s a very cute village from where you can find traditional shops, pubs and restaurants.  Needless to say it is very instagramable. Oh and why not stop off in one of the villages beautiful pubs on route for a real Irish pint of Guinness!


  2. Dalkey (Vico road)

This is the coast of Dublin and it will blow your mind, the water is so blue and on a sunny day – you won’t believe that you are in Ireland. Local people love to swim all year around- if you are not a fan of regular ice baths then don’t say I didn’t warn you! I love going there for an adventurous coastal walk, breathing the fresh breeze sweeping over the Irish sea and feeling that positive Irish energy. This beautiful coastal walk of the coast is only a couple of minutes from Dalkey village. You can also booked a cruise around Dalkey island and check out the dauphins, yes it is a thing – see more info here or  you can simply pay a fisherman to a quick transport to Dalkey island – check out more info here

      .    .  


3. Powerscourt Estate & Gardens (Wicklow)

From this point onwards, you will need to have a car as it is slightly outside of county Dublin; however, it is only a moderately short drive from Dalkey village (approximately 25-30 minutes). Occasional if the ‘luck of the Irish’ is on your side you may witness some beautiful wild horses galloping around the exterior gardens. Can use the morning to take a tour of their spacious gardens and estate and grab lunch in their on site restaurant cafe.

But initially this place is a hotel and a golf course and there is a very cute chain restaurant that I love; Avoca.This adorable restaurant is so also very ascetically pleasing  and sells very cute Irish souvenir.


4. Glendalough

Glendalough is also located in county Wicklow, south of Dublin, along the east coast of the Country. It is well known to be a very popular place among tourist and often coined the ‘garden of Ireland’ yet it is so big that you rarely feel too overwhelmed by the many tourists that visit. When you first arrive on the site, you will find the Glendalough Monastric site. Without going in to too much detail, it is one of the most important early Christian sights and it is of course very aesthetically pleasing. Glendalough, which means Valley of the Two Lakes, is located in a wooded valley beside two tranquil lakes.




5. Hiking the Wicklow valley

For those that like nature walk or to simply hike, the Wicklow Way is of the most scenic places, you could easily pass a whole day hiking the many routes on offer. Due to the higher altitude of the mountains, the weather can be a bit more unpredictable  – I can recall the time we took a hike here, the weather went from sunny and warm to very cold and rainy – so don’t forget to pack a good Jacket!


Other great things to visit:

6. Hiking from Bray to Greystones

We did this last year and the view was absolutely exceptional.

On the other side, on the other county; you will find a lot of good restaurant options and can always take the dart to go back to the city or to Dalkey