Weekend Getaway: Paris Travel Diary

When I’m searching for a nice city getaway I usually always end up going to Paris, I mean let’s be honest who doesn’t like to visit the city of love once in a while? Despite living in the busy city of London, I do appreciate everything that Paris has to offer!

There’s so many beautiful neighbourhoods in this city, but my friend and I decided to stay Central, not too far from the Eiffel tower. The aim of this getaway was to spend a couple of days together, to catch up, explore and relax which is why the Narcisse Blanc was perfect for both of us. It’s also surrounded by great restaurants- perfectly located for a weekend getaway in the city of light!

The luxury hotel also offers a beautiful spa, we were both much looking forward to relaxing. This place was like a little oasis far away from home! 

The Narcisse Blanc


What we did:

Chez Julien Restaurant

Dinner at the beautiful restaurant Chez Julien; Gossip girls fan anyone?



Travel by metro in Paris to see the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower- You can admire this view from line number 10!  

A cafe in Paris


Visit the garden of Luxembourg; my first time can you imagine! It’s so beautiful during autumn!

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg


Long walk along the canal

Anyone loves Paris as much as me?

Much love,









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