Free natural hot springs in Tuscany

Last week, we had the chance to visit my partner’s family house in Tuscany and although we did not play tourist too much, there was one thing I was dying to visit and it’s the Hot Springs.

For those who don’t know, hot springs are like warm bath which is produced  by the emergence of geothermal heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust. Although it’s a well known thing in Tuscany, there’s still a lot of hidden Termal baths that are yet not known by the big public.

First thing first, here’s some Tuscany hot springs travel tips that you need to consider before heading there!

Plan your transport

The hot springs we went to was close to our house and was  potentially accessible by walk, I say potentially because let’s face it’s not an easy walk- a lot of hills on the way back. But usually,  you will need a car to access the hot springs since it’s rarely an easy access. Just to make sure you are aware, some of the Hot springs have limited parking spots so if planning to visit on the weekend plan ahead and leave a little earlier.

Remove Jewellery

It’s important to note that hot springs contains a high mineral content including sulphur which can tarnish jewelries and fad swimsuit, so make sure to remove any form of jewellery  (note for those ladies like me that are new with the engagement ring and  were about to splash into the hot springs with it…oops) and bathing suit if you are afraid that they might fade.

Come prepared

Many of the hot springs are free but they also don’t have any bathrooms or changing rooms, so make sure to bring your own towels and come prepared. Also note that there’s rarely any restaurants in the areas, so if you are like me and your always hungry make sure to brings some snacks; you can even plan a little picnic near the hot springs. Which brings me to a last tip, the hot springs don’t smell good; they have a strong ”egg” smell which comes from the sulphites and rich mineral deposits-  so don’t tell me I haven’t warned you!

Petriolo Hot springs

This is the hot springs that we visited because it  was only a very quick ride from where we were staying,. It’s a smaller hot spring, popular among  the locals but it was so adorable! It’s located halfway between Siena and Grosseto. The water of the hot springs are usually around 42°C (107 F)  warm (yes it’s super hot!) and so they are amazing for winter time displaying a high contrast between the heated baths and cooler air abover.  The Petriolo hot springs have built their reputation since the Roman age. The springs are located between Val di Merse and the Maremma. From there, you can hikes or event just visit the Termal pools therapeutic complex; which is a national wellness centre which offers many services – I haven’t personally used it so I can’t comment on the quality of their services.

Petriolo Hot springs

Petriolo Hot springs

Petriolo Hot springs  

Petriolo Hot springs

Other hot springs in Tuscany

We didn’t have time to visit more than once hot springs, but if you can make sure to check out these other hot springs:

  • Bagno Vignoni
  • Bagni di San Filippo
  • Saturnia’s thermal baths







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